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A Greener Internet: 6 Apps To Reduce Your Digital Waste

Often disregarded, the online world produces a lot of waste and impact our environment in many ways. The good news is that there are websites, softwares and apps that work to balance the impact of digital waste by plating trees, to reminding you to take your reusable grocery shopping bags. Reducing our footprint online is becoming easier every day!

Here’s a list of my favorite greener apps and softwares to reduce our waste online

  • Plant Trees with Ecosia

A greener life - ecosia solution for a greener internetEcosia is the new trend for online search. This search engine plant trees with the money generated with ads revenue. Meaning every time you search for something online you’ll help grow new trees 🌳. And you’re account will track how many trees you’ve helped to plant. Pretty cool right? And of course it’s a free tool. Since I ditched Google 10 months ago, and started to use Ecosia and have helped plant about 1000 trees!! Give it a try here.

  • Say Goodbye to Your Spam with

Did you know that the spam we receive everyday is not just annoying and wasting our time, it also use a tremendous amount of energy for no reason making it a big generator of digital waste. It’s like turning on the heat in the house but have the windows wide open. It’s useless and wasteful. Luckily, there are great tools online to help control the flow of undesired emails, cancel the subscriptions, and keep our inbox as green as possible. Say goodbye to your spam on

  • Say Goodbye to Your Mail Spam with Paper Karma

We just talked about online spam, but let’s not forget mailing!? May not be online but with about 100 billion junk mail generated every year only in the U.S., it seemed like a important one to add here. Paper Karma is an GREAT app that helps you reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. Simply take a picture of the mail and Paper Karma takes care of the rest! Plus the app is free, so many reason to just give it a try: Paper Karma

  • Never forget your Reusable Shopping Bags

I know how hard it can be to change our habits, especially with all the convenient options we have around us. That is why this app had to make it in this post. This app will send you a reminder so you don’t forget your tools. Here is the link to their website so you can learn more about their cool concept.

  • reduce digital waste - a greener life zero wasteRecycle, Recycle, Recycle with… iRecycle, duh!

It’s name is self explanatory, iRecyle is an app to help you find local (U.S. Only), convenient recycling opportunities when you are on the go or at home. iRecycle provides access to more than 1,600,000 ways to recycle and 350 materials. Give it a try by clicking here for iPhones and here if you use android.

  • The Zero-Waste Coach: TODAY

Finally, I came recently across this app named TODAY that helps take small actions to reduce our waste and give us the possibility to share the positive impacts we’ve made. I really appreciate how it creates a positive competition among users and helps us improve our behavior with daily challenges.

I hope you’ll this article useful, if you do don’t hesitate to share it and leave a comment if you know other great apps and website that make our internet greener!

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