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Prophecy of Earth Changes – Quotes
“Native people have had prophecies that go back hundreds of years. They tell how if humans don’t take a responsible position in regards to relating to the earth, then the time would come when major changes would happen. I feel that we are into that now. Most people think of the earth as just here. That they can do anything they want to it. It’s just dumb nature. But to native people, the earth is an intelligent, living being. It has power. I believe that the earth will make the necessary changes if the humans won’t. That’s what is happening right now. And it’s going to happen with greater intensity all the time.”
From “Native American Prophecies” by Scott Peterson
I recently came across this excerpt from a book on Native American Prophecies and thought it to be a perfect summary of our times. It does seem as though we are at the point of no return. I believe there is connection between human beings and the earth in a way that is much larger than science can explain. I only hope to learn more on how I can help on a personal level.  “We are going to be seeing major changes but the greatest change must happen within humans.” – Sun Bear

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