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This Water Recycling Shower Is Revolutionizing The Way We Shower

For the ones who don’t know yet, my man and I are probably going to set home away from the city and build our passive home and try to use as much sustainable alternative to traditional wasteful systems as we can. One of the most exciting technology we came across is what I call the “never ending shower.”

As you know, water shortage is becoming a more and more of a problem. Even in Western Oregon, where it rains 9 months out of the year, few experience more and more severe drought and the trend is unlikely to change soon. Monitoring our water consumption is becoming essential and that is where Showerloop comes in play.

What Is The Showerloop?

If you like to take long showers but do feel bad about the waste of water you might want to keep this handy.  This system recycle instantly the water we are using while showering. It creates a loop that locks the water: wether you take a 10 minutes or 30 minutes shower, the amount of water does not change. Jason Selvarajan, who created the showerloop explains in this video that they calculated a 90% reduction of water consumption when using their system as opposed to a traditional shower. And that, is pretty neat.

Even cooler, Jason is not trying to become a billionaire with his invention. His concept is open source so if you like medium sized projects you can make it yourself they have the list of material needed and construction steps detailed here. If you already struggle with Ikea furniture, we came across this Swedish company, Orbital sells its own version online (seems like Northern Europe is on top of the subject.) However, it will cost you way more than the $600 needed to build the showerloop.

What do you think of this concept? Would you want to have a shower like this, have you tried something similar? Leave your comments below!


  • Francesco Lemma

    Very interesting although I wonder is it healthy? What happens if the water is accidentally ingested or goes in contact with the eyes?
    Have tests been done on the water?
    I’m super interested although somewhat worried..

    • Dina Le Roux

      Hi there! Thank you for your question. A good one indeed. From the research I have done, tests have been done and the water is secure for use. I would recommend not drinking the water though. It also depends on the filter you use in the shower but if you use premium materials as they recommend using, the system should be safe.

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