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Why I’m Shifting Towards A Greener Life

Why am I doing this…

I have had to ask myself this many times before beginning this very public and personal journey. The more I ponder the reasons why we are doing this the more questions I end up having about the state of our society and the mental and physical health of our species. Moreover the state of my mental and physical health. Healthcare is a very serious and real subject at the moment. We have gone through many changes as a society when it comes to how we deal with our health. When I was in college I had a professor that told me 2008 would be a rough year for the U.S. because all the baby boomers would be retiring and healthcare would be the number one subject of debate. He was right. After years of this subject bouncing around in my head I have realized something very significant. The state of earth and the state of our health as human beings are interwoven. I remember standing in the kitchen one day and asking myself:

“Does it really matters if I live by example? Will it make a difference?” Am I wasting my time with thoughts of underachievement when it comes to sustainable and mindful living?

I thought to myself about my past learnings of my own energy and how it connects to the earth as well as many other things. It was then I realized that by making an effort to protect the earth I would be inadvertently grounding myself. As selfish as this may sound it made me realize some of the issues that people have with making a concerted effort to change the way they live. They don’t see something in it for themselves. We as a society are arguably the least grounded in history. We have no physical connection with the earth or the earth’s ways of sustaining life. We understand it in theory but we don’t understand it in practice.

I have heard of few choice things about our connection to the earth in recent years. My favorite being that “light pollution”(the process of light emitting from cities at night blocking out the stars) is a major cause of our losing touch with our spiritual nature. Since we do not look up at the sky and we fail to see the vastness we are disconnected with how small we really are. We are disconnected from the understanding that we are part of something so much bigger than we are. That there is purpose and meaning to our existence. This is easily lost on us because we are fed and entertained by machines. Yes human beings are at the helm of these machines but we cannot see them or talk to them. We are very disconnected and as a result we are very unhealthy. As much as I have my own opinion on the healthcare issue I believe wholeheartedly that our health is the issue, not healthcare. Healthcare wouldn’t be such an issue if we were healthy. I too have had my run in’s with health, including cancer. I have had much time to think about the disease of cancer and other autoimmune diseases. I don’t know where I heard this but someone once told me that we may have a high instance of cancer in our society because we are a cancer ourselves.

We consume without thinking about the nature of our host(earth). We grow without realizing that if we grow too much and give off too much waste. We will kill our host. Much like cancer has killed so many. All of this has brought me to a place where I would like to do my best to change. For the betterment of society and the betterment of myself. This project is my way of keeping myself accountable and keeping myself interested. I want to learn as much as possible and would like to share with you my path and what I have learnt along the way to make sure the grass is greener on both side of the fence. 

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