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Water Waste: Low Consumption Shower Systems

Finding solutions to reduce water consumption is essential. More and more eco-friendly innovations are coming to the surface and this shower is definitely one we had to share. With 7 billion people on earth, we can no longer maintain the consumption of water the way we do. We know that water can be rare in certain area and the problem could amplify. This is why I wanted to share this new system called the Showerloop.

This shower is revolutionary in the sense that it consumes the same amount of water wether you spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes under the shower. How? The water is recycled as you shower. The system collect the water used and bring it through a recycling process before being used again… A video is worth a thousand lame ways to attend at explaining. Just watch it! 😉

I’ve also come across this system created in California that doesn’t recycle the water, but reduce the amount of water needed. It’s pretty interesting and I hope that soon this type of format will become the new norm.

I’m curious to read about your thoughts on this. Have you used a water saving type of shower like this? If you haven’t, would you switch?

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